Saturday, July 24, 2010


This week has been fairly good in terms of working out. I got a good amount of workouts done, and even woke up for morning runs. I was supposed to do about 11 miles today, but only made it to 6.5. Yesterday I did a legs and back work out, so my legs and glutes were already pretty tired from that. Not to mention I woke up late, and decided not to eat something in favor of going out before it got too unbearable.

But the 6.5 wasn't bad. The usual amount of hills in Prospect Park, combined with the humidity hugging the road made for a slow run, but I think yesterday's routine actually helped push me through without issue. It felt good to be out there. My legs felt good. My knees, which were acting up yesterday, were pain free after today's run. It's been a while but I'm beginning to get that runner's high again, and I can feel myself looking forward to hitting the road. You gotta love the transformative powers of training.

Anyway, I stepped on the scale today and I'm officially down 19lbs! I know it's not really the number I should pay attention to, but it's nice to keep track. All my clothing just fits better now, so I'm really happy. The combination of the DVDs and running is really beginning to show!

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Petraruns said...

19lbs is fantastic LIsa - keep it up!