Saturday, August 28, 2010

Halfway there

I can't believe there's only 8 more weeks left. Starting to get nervous. I took off 2 LRs thanks to the vacation, which was much needed quality time with the husband, who was beginning to feel like I'm neglecting him again. There's always the need to find a balance between the business, running, working out, and everything else that seems to be time suckers. Given I'm only one person, I have to pick and choose my battles wisely, so my training falls behind a bit in order to maintain a happy marriage. Thankfully next year when he begins his training for NYC he'll know exactly what it will take to just get to the starting line.

Today, I did a crappy 6 miler. I was aiming for 15. The schedule had me pegged at 11, but I was hoping to make up for lost time. It did not happen due to several reasons. I had a crappy dinner: Yesterday I had dinner with my husband and his uncle and grandfather in Chinatown. With several weeks of eating as cleanly and as meat-free as possible at home, the dinner at a local restaurant did me in.

After not seeing them for a month, it was inevitable to have a meal with them, which always means eating out. Gramps decided he wanted Shanghai-nese, which usually means heavy and laden with sauces. And the three of them are huge meat eaters, so even when I suggested fish and veggies, the fish came out fried, and the veggies came out heavily sauced. I just have to suck it up sometimes. Most of the time I can get away with it if we met up on a Thursday, giving me Friday to get rid of that stuff from my system. But this Thursday they were busy so it got moved to yesterday. Running with all that in my system was just tough.

The second thing that did me in was the fact that I was overzealous in my strength training yesterday. My P90x schedule had me doing legs and back and abs, which I did just fine. But I ended up expending a lot of energy, and my legs felt like lead this morning as I hit the inclines.

Ah well. Tomorrow is the husband's championship game, and I promised to watch him play. (This has been a quest since before we met, so it's very important to him.) Anyway, if I can find a trail in the park he's at I'll try to log some miles in. Otherwise, depending on how I feel later on today, I may just head back out and see if I can pull another 7 miles out of me.


Susan said...

You are handling it all. And WELL, my friend!

SO how is the P90X treating you?

nylisa said...

Susan, P90X is the most wonderful/miserable work out experience ever! I can now officially do a pull up. My pants are all loose. I feel like I've gain an incredibly amount of strength... But it doesn't get easier at all! Currently on week 7 and it's still kicking my behind as if it was the first week, (even when I modify everything)! But I'm beginning to see definition in my arms, something I've never had, so it's a great motivator. Also, my core is getting really strong, which I know will come in very handy!

Petraruns said...

That's amazing Lisa - I'm SO impressed with your results. Incredible.

And as for not getting your LR in - just keep trying. You'll get there!