Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Softball, P90x and Running

I'm supposed to start training this week, but softball has taken a front seat. (Just for this week, we're heading to the playoffs.) My body is completely sore from playing 2nd base and then switching over to catching. Just as well. It's totally working my quads and glutes, and I've noticed that regular batting and fielding practices, even, has helped with my racing, particularly when running uphill. (Must be all that squatting.)

I'm also working out to P90x, modified. I'm definitely not in good enough shape to "bring it" as those hard bodies in the DVD. But I do push myself enough to get sweaty and sore. And I have noticed a slight difference in my arms. (Or maybe that's from swinging the bat and throwing??) Either way, I'm down 13lbs from winter, and am maintaining so it's all good. Almost gone is the jiggly pudge in the middle, and I actually feel ab muscles underneath! (Oh, and for what it's worth, the 15 minute Ab Ripper from the P90x series is the hardest 15 minutes ever!)

I ran a race the AHA Wall Street 3M last Thursday, and it was brutal. The difference between this race and other sanctioned NYRR races is that, there are a lot of non-regular runners at this one. Also, I really dislike the fact that it's not corralled. I'm normally a back-of-the-pack runner anyway, but there were walkers that started with the runners, and they started all the way at the beginning. The first 5 minutes was a traffic jam nightmare. Add to that the twists and turns of Downtown Manhattan, people still getting off work and walking right into the course, delivery bikes, it wasn't a pretty sight. (Am I being a running snob??) It was also fairly hot and muggy, so I didn't break any records. But all in all, it was a good effort, and I have 6 races under my belt for the year. Only 3 more races and 1 volunteer for NYC 2011.

Next race up is 7/17, Central Park Conservancy 4M.

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Petraruns said...

13lbs is NICE! Well done girl and keep up all the cross training - well baseball...

As for the race - I know what you mean about walkers getting in the way - great to be in a race together but it doesn't need to be THAT together does it?

PS word verification is "undumb" - that is cool..