Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I think this past weekend proved how insane it's going to be training during the holidays. I had to postpone my long run until Monday. Thank goodness my workload from the full-time is very light this week.

Back to the run. I aimed for somewhere between 7-9 miles (a combination of the Runner's World rookie plan and the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1), and ended up doing a little over 7. I forgot my second Gu and sorta faded a bit at the end. But on the good side, it was still a good run. My legs felt good, and the new Adidas were wonderful. So much better than the Nike, which made my left foot hurt. I caught a tiny blister for not using Body Glide, but it wasn't anything major. The only thing is that my right hamstring is still nagging me. It's not really hurting, just a constant twinge during the middle of the run to let me know I need to be aware.

From home I headed down to the boardwalks of Coney Island, and double backed when I reached the end of Brighton Beach. It was a beautiful afternoon to be outdoors, sunny enough for me to think about getting a pair of sunglasses. (Suggestions, anyone?) On the way back I practiced longer strides and did a combination of slow-then-fast runs back home to see if I can work on those fast-twitch muscle fibers. (Of course, my version of fast is probably everyone's version of a jog! hahaha!) In all, it was a good run. My knees feel great after warming them up, and my ankles are feeling stronger just from having better sneakers. Today is supposed to be a 4 miler, but I'm switching off to cross train since I'm supposed to meet Grace tomorrow for an after work 6 miler.


ShirleyPerly said...

I hate hammy twinges! Hopefully nothing worse for both of us. Glad the new shoes are working out. I just get cheap polarized & shatterproof sunglasses that will stay on my face (I have a small nose) when sweaty. That way if/when I lose or break them, which has been known to happen often, I'm not too mad. Last weekend I got some for $5 at Walmart :-)

Susan said...

Way to get it done!

Chasen bought me some high dollar wrap-around frameless shades from Nike -- and they fog up year round. Waste of $$$!

CewTwo said...

What a friendly face to see at "What's a Few Miles Among Friends!"

I have bought cheap sunglasses, but am using some from Performance Bikes now. Bought them on sale and they seem to be lasting.

I am thinking of another marathon to run while I am still in shape for one. I am training under another Hal Higdon plan.

Should I add you to the VRR chart for weekend runs?


peter said...

It sounds like your training is going well. I'd love to run that Coney Island boardwalk.

IrishBlue said...

ditto what peter said...never been to Coney Island but I like Coney Dogs...lol.

good luck with the training.