Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Struggling a bit, Susan, that's all. I feel over-extended. Happy that I'll be attempting #2 in January, but the fact that the heart of the training takes place right when I hit the busiest time of the year... is a bit daunting. I've been meeting up with Grace as usual, and as usual we cover about a mile or so together before I eat her dust. Last weekend's long run fell a bit short. I think I twinged my hamstring trying to correct my stride uphill. That sucked. I think I have shin splints, too. The top of my right calf just hurts. This weekend's long run I'll be wearing the new Microbounce sneakers I bought. (I couldn't find my beloved Gigarides, and this looks like the next generation.)

In other news, Chris and I got the Wii Fit, and it's a whole lotta fun. It doesn't take place of my strength training, but it's fun enough to supplement with the yoga. Genius product, I tell ya.

I'm also getting a bit depressed because all the NYC Marathon ads are out in full force around the city. Is this withdrawal??


MarathonChris said...

Hi Lisa - I just realized you will be at Disney as well...as will a number of other blogging friends. Check out: http://runningmates.blogspot.com/

I added you to the list of a recent post on Disney.

If you want to join that blog let me know marathonchris@gmail.com

Maybe I will see you at Disney.

OH - and it is difficult to train through the holidays - but hang in there, stick to your plan and give your self some leeway. Best of all, be ready for the most magical race on earth! Probably not the crowds in NY - but what beats running a marathon down Main St. USA and through Cinderella's castle??? :-)

Make a plan - ease into the training - and know you will have a crowd of bloggers there running too!!! :-)

Susan said...

I think it IS withdrawl. :(

We got the Wii Fit and it hasn't come out of the box. Aargh! We will make that happen soon.

I think you're doing great. You're running, period, and that is great!