Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am a sentimental fool. I cried when the opening coverage of the NYC Marathon came on air. (Chris doesn't understand why I was crying, and I guess it's a bit hard to explain.) Will be tracking a few people who is running today. Good luck to all. I hope to be out there next year.

My own long run with Grace yesterday took us to cross a part of the marathon route.

4th Avenue around 68th Street, about the 5k mark on the course

Slight downhill to Owl's Head Park, a bit past mile 5 for us

We mapped out a course that gave us great visuals

Grace takes a quick stretch with downtown Manhattan in the backdrop

Our next visual marker is the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Iconic for the start of today's big race

And this is about as close as it gets for us this year

Second to last visual marker before the end. (You can see the Coney Island parachute jump under the sign.)

Grand total for yesterday: 12 miles through 9 different neighborhoods


Petraruns said...

OOh that brings back memories of my first marathon NYC in 2005... Love the photos. Thanks for the comment - it really was a great experience. Will you be meeting up with the Florida lot at Disney?

Jim said...

Welcome to VRR. Love the photos of NY. Like Petra, I ran NYC in 2005, what an experience. We only got a one hour version of the marathon on TV here in Orlando, but it was exciting. Nothing like re-living the experience.

I'll be volunteering at mile 24 at Disney.

Good luck with your training!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great visuals, indeed! I love that photo of Grace stretching next to the water. Keep up the good work in training and thanks for the comment on my FL Challenge race report. Welcome to the virtual running group!

Susan said...

12 miles -- wow! I thought of you as I watched coverage online. I want to run that!!

CewTwo said...

What a fun, alternate way to see the sights! How cool is that?

New York? Not me - No interest! Just too big for me! The only thing that would make it attractive for me would be the fact that you are there in that city somewhere!

Don't for get to report you miles run last weekend for the VRR group!

Thanks, friend!

CewTwo said...

I find the pictures with water somewhat fascinating! Being from Denver, we have water but we ca actually see to the other side!

Chicago had never ending water and it is just so odd to me!

Thanks for the pictures, Lisa!

peter said...

That's a cool run! Having grown up on Staten Island, and remembering seeing them as a child build the VN Bridge from the hills of St. George where I lived, I just love that bridge.