Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some Updates

I've been working at capacity for the past few months and July has already been fully booked thanks to all the September weddings. Thank goodness the full-time isn't really busy during the summer months.

I started a strength training regime. It's been kicking my butt so far.

Trying to consciously eat more fruits as well. I made some pancakes with fresh blueberries yesterday.

My Nike+ finally came in and after a little finagling got the Sports Band set up. Just waiting to digest a bit of the peanut butter toast I had this morning before I test it out.

Question: Since I won't be running in this year's NYM, I'm contemplating on doing other marathons (preferably in the Jan/Feb 09 time frame). What other marathons would you recommend as a must try?


ShirleyPerly said...

OMG, the pancakes look great!

As for marathon recommendations, I think it'd help if you could give us some info on what you prefer in terms of location, size, terrain, weather, etc. Personally, I like small marathons and fairly flat courses but a lot of people don't like that and certainly both NYCM was not like that!

Susan said...

Those pancakes look FABULOUS!

I know the New Orleans marathon is in February. That would make for a nice trip!

peter said...

WDWM. WDWM. WDWM. WDWM. Can you spell flat? How about PR?

MorseyRuns said...

Please tell me how to make those pancakes, soon, really soon. I need them now.