Monday, July 14, 2008

Nike Shox Review

So I tested out my Nike Shox on Saturday and it is okay. I think it needs a bit more arch support, particularly with my left foot. It's definitely not as comfortable as my Adidas Gigarides, which I absolutely love. I think I'm going to get another pair of it just as a back up. Maybe I just need to put some more miles on it.

The Sport Band is pretty cool. I did a couple of test runs to Coney Island and back, and other than forgetting to press start and pause a couple of times, it's not bad. Very light and comfortable to wear even on humid days with lots of wrist sweat. The Nike homepage is okay, but a bit cumbersome I think. Check out my Nike+Mini:

Today is a strength training day so I don't plan on running, although, if the weather stays this nice and cool in the afternoon, I think I'll head out for a short one.

Regarding Marathons:

I like cooler weather runs and don't do well with humidity. I thought about the Disney one but it's mainly for the Mickey medal and not the warm weather/humidity factors. My friend Grace mentioned San Francisco, and that sounds interesting. But how much more/different do I have to train to go somewhere for a different race? And how do I factor in the traveling? NYM was my very first experience, and since it's in my hometown there was no real traveling involved. We've also considered Hawaii for obvious reasons, but again, the threat of hitting that humid wall makes me think twice.


Susan said...

Cute mini!

How about something is scenic Vermont?

ShirleyPerly said...

Central FL weather is hit or miss in the winter. It can be nice and cool, perfect for running a marathon one week but then the next week can be warm & fairly humid. has a big list of marathons and reviews that may be helpful.

I know people in Portland, OR, who train for the Honolulu marathon wearing lots of clothes to simulate the 70-80 degree expected race day temps. As long as you prepare yourself for what you expect to have on race day, you should be fine. Either that, or adjust your race expectations accordingly.

Have fun deciding!

peter said...

I have always herad that Hawaii is humid. How about the Philly marathon? Nearby and not so hot. Or the Miami marathon in Jan. or the Ft. Lauderdale in Feb., both flat, giving you pleanty of time to train. Good luck, the world is your oyster!