Friday, February 29, 2008

I braved the freezing cold today and ran 2.6 miles. Not too shabby. Only thing I need to do is make sure I'm fully warmed up before really pounding the pavement. Otherwise that winter air is pretty bad for the knees. Still feeling the effects right now.

Peter is right. My work won't crumble if I take some time out for myself. And I felt a lot better after afterwards. I think the silent motivation working its way back in, especially after listening to the Extra Mile Podcast, and realizing I'm not alone when it comes to getting motivated and going a little insane during the winter months. So, after sending in the latest report to the editor for revision I snuck away from the computer, and took to my usual path and did 5 second sprints in between jogging.

Sometime next month I'll see about getting a heart monitor/pacer thing. You know what's been bothering me? That 59 seconds on my finisher's certificate. Hmm... I may have a new goal this year: Under 6 hours.

What did I do on this extra day?


ShirleyPerly said...

Let me the first to congratulate you! I must admit that if it was freezing outside, I don't know if *I* would go outside. You're brave!!

Good luck with the sub-6 goal!!!

Susan said...

You're going to make it Lisa, on all fronts!

Thanks for the encouragement my way, also.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

YAY for the motivation working it's way back in !!