Saturday, March 1, 2008

I did some strength training today, a much needed thing. My knees feel weird. Maybe it's all the inaction and then recent activity...

5lb weights are my friend (I have to keep telling myself that.) Succumbed to a DVD purchase. Heck if I'm going to make use of staying at home, I might as well get some fresh moves. Plus I won't feel so self-conscious as I would in a gym class so it's $12.95 well-spent!

On the freelance end, I have 3 wedding invitation orders to complete. Hopefully I'll get one out by Monday. I think I've come to accept that working from home means more work, just less traveling.

Okay, time for a healthy lunch!


Sunshine said...

Congratulations on getting business to do at home.

Good to know what size weights work for you.

ShirleyPerly said...

Whatever it takes to keep active while working at home is worth it, IMO. Yay, for the healthy meal!