Sunday, September 2, 2007

Long Run, Long Post!

62 Days until the Marathon
Today's weather: 73º
Today's humidity: 43%

14.6 was the distance today. My longest run ever! I'm hurting now, but this is what I get for not taking hydration seriously. Yesterday I had tea AND coffee, and I paid for it around mile 9-10. Judging from the second refill of my water bottle, I knew I was dehydrated. Usually one refill would get me through. On top of that I didn't get enough sleep, and I didn't eat properly like I normally do before a long run. Lesson learned.

I struggled to finish this run. Had to stop several times to stretch out. Not sure why my upper back and neck was so tense. I had to focus on relaxing my shoulders and not hunch in like I found myself doing a few times. Took two Tylenol, which helped with the knees, but the sharp groin pain was something new to pay attention to. The butterfly stretches helped out afterwards. I was just a mess today.

Anyway, I carried my camera with me to document this long run and to show you guys. Mapped out a really nice visual one that went from Lower Manhattan to Prospect Park to Coney Island:

We actually started out in Coney Island. GP picked me up and we drove to Stillwell Avenue to drop the car off at the end point. Then we took the subway to City Hall in Manhattan.

The beginning of Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge has two lanes for pedestrians and bike riders.

That's the Manhattan Bridge over there. You can run across that as well (but Brooklyn Bridge is prettier).

A glimpse of Lower Manhattan. Back in the day the Twin Towers would be soaring above behind these buildings. (Can you spot the Statue of Liberty?)

Several miles in we hit Prospect Park, Brooklyn's answer to Central Park.

The Grand Army Plaza. This sits at across the entrance to the park.

Lake in Prospect Park.

This time a mostly flat course. (From Brooklyn Bridge to Prospect Park we were hit with a steep incline.)

Tree-lined Ocean Parkway. Straight and flat from Prospect Park to Coney Island.

The boardwalk at Coney Island. (I was totally happy to see this today.)

Gratuitous beach shot.

This is what most people think of when they think of Coney Island boardwalk.

The Wonder Wheel, built in 1920.

The Parachute Jump, stands 262 feet high.

The end of the boardwalk, marking a very long run.

GP resting on the boardwalk, eating a gelpack.

I. am. exhausted!

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog. Check out the lines!

So there you have it! Another long run in the books! Here's the entire map of the run:


Maddy said...

Sorry you struggled with your run.

The pictures are awesome. So different from where I run. I am going to bring my camera next weekend for my long run.

Thanks for sharing the pictures and congratulations on your longest run to date!

w00t! w00t!

Susan said...

Holy moses - what scenery and a FAB run if you ask me. said...

Thanks for the taking pictures and sharing. What a way cool run! I have never been to the east coast so it is a good way to enjoy it through it.

MorseyRuns said...

I love the photos- what a great run too, so sunny and picturesque. I bet next time you sleep, fuel and hydrate well.

CewTwo said...

First of all, Congrats on your longest run ever! Secondly, thanks for sharing it! I have been near to New York, but never to New York.

I loved the pictures and even found the statue of liberty!

We will have to have a discussion on how to carry a camera while on these picture taking runs!

Great blog!

peter said...

Cool cool run! I went to Coney Island this summer to see the Cyclones play and to ride the Cyclone roller coaster before Astroland closes (yesterday!). Those pix brought it all back. I often carry a camera on runs. I'm a Luddite so I don't have a digital but I usually run with a waist pouch around back in which I put a disposible camera ($6 at Target), two twenties & Gu. On that belt I put an accessory pouch in front for my cellphone. Can't put in too much weight or it all starts bouncing and drives you crazy.

Lots of great places to run in DC besides the National Mall. Google the W&OD Trail (Arlington), Capital Crescent Trail (Georgetown), C&O Canal Towpath (Maryland), Rock Creek Park (DC) or the Mount Vernon Trail (Virginia along the Potomac).

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, nice photos and nice weather too! I've heard that there are great places to run and bike in NYC. Never been there yet myself but maybe someday ...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Good luck in your NYCM training!!