Sunday, September 16, 2007

48 Days until the Marathon
Today's weather: ?? (cool and breezy)
Today's humidity: low

I was too lazy to do my long run yesterday, so I made it up today at Central Park doing 12.6 miles. GP joined me as she is pretty much now my long run training partner. (She still beats my butt in the speed department, but it's okay since we meet up after.)

Those hills were a lot harder than I remembered, but I felt good for not stopping while I was on them. (Slow and steady finishes the race.) You'd figure that the second time around "Heartbreak Hill" it would be easier because you know what to expect, but it's just as challenging physically, probably because by that time it's already mile 9. However, I'm proud to say I've maintained my speed uphills. Walked a lot too, but that's to be expected since it's supposed to be easy. I didn't struggle at all today.

I was very conscious to control my speed going downhill and paid attention to my form heading uphill. The good thing was that I was well-hydrated. It's incredible what a difference it makes to be prepared. (I'm sure the breezy fall-like weather helped as well.)

Also practiced gel intake. Up until this point I've only took one during my long runs, but I need to be getting into the habit of taking it even when I feel like I don't need it. I was able to maintain my energy level consistently throughout. If wasn't for the fact that I wore a different pair of pants that caused some inner thigh chafing I could've continued on for a little longer. However, I'm very satisfied with my distance today.

Right now I'm contemplating several things. Should I get a new pair of sneakers and break those in now? Do I need a knee brace? My sneakers have a couple hundred miles on them at this point, and my knees are always a bit puffy afterwards. I know I definitely need to get a new pair of running pants. I guess what I had on today isn't exactly made for running.

After I got home, M&A, and B&J came over and we played couple's Scrabble while watching some football games. M was gracious enough to impart his training wisdom, as he's already had two marathons under his belt. The good thing about it is that he's reinforcing the notion that I'm doing things the right way. It's a good feeling.

Anyhoo, I need to head off to bed! Another long run in the books! I can't believe there's only 48 days until the big race!


Susan said...

You are quite the successful one! Great job on those hills.


I had a good gel experience today. I am now a believer!

peter said...

Ditto to what Susan said. Great job, and get the new shoes and start breaking them in.

CewTwo said...

I have 2 favorite pair of pants. I wear one and then the other and I will always get some chafing. Body Glide always works for me.

Hills are very profound for me. I hate them so, of course, I run a lot of them. Always challenging!

What are your long runs up to now?

jeanne said...

yep, i can second it. that peter knows what he is talking about!