Sunday, September 23, 2007

41 Days until the Marathon
Today's weather: 76º
Today's humidity: 36%

We were off the mark by a little bit today. Was supposed to hit about 15-16 today, but fell short by a few. Our total was 12.7, thanks to our little miscalculation. We got out of the 155th Street train station, but started heading the wrong way. On top of that, we had a little excursion to look for a rest room. Imagine two Asian females running all around looking for a pit stop in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. It didn't go too well, let me just say...

After that (mis)adventure, we backtracked and found our way to the West Side Highway. (I'm still wondering how we ended up on Harlem River Drive.) A series of hills later we made it to the edge of Hudson River, running halfway down before calling it a day.

Wasn't a bad run. I got to see different parts of (waaay) uptown that I don't normally venture to. Hugged the west side until we got to the Upper West Side, and then cooled down by walking to Columbus Circle where we got a bagel for recovery.

Next week is the dreaded 20 miler. The schedule says 17-18 easy, but Mike says to try to throw in 2 20s if possible. And with so little time left, it's probably a good idea to get one in now and see how we feel. I think we've resigned to doing that in Central Park, hills and all, 3.5 loops total. At least we can't get lost there! hahaha

Now I get to relax and eat some yummy pasta that Chris cooked up for my recovery dinner! Mmm mmm MMM!


peter said...

Running is an adventure all right! Good luck on your 20-miler. said...

Even though you were a little short, your running route sounded cool. What a great way to see a new part of a city!

My scenery right now is ALOT of corn fields and beans and various farmers/farm equipment. So I am a bit jealous.


Susan said...

Good job, lady!

I can not wait to hear about the 20-miler. Go Lisa go!

CewTwo said...

I loved your adventure. I get worried in my comfort that I might try a route without a restroom anywhere along the way. Hasn't happened so far, but you never know.

I also live in a suburb so I don't always get the diversity of the inner city.

Good run! Thanks for sharing it, Lisa.