Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Training Day 6

102 Days until the Marathon
Today's weather: 82º
Today's humidity: 56%

Prospect Park should be renamed Prospect Hills. I did almost 4 today, but copped out on the last half. For the past few days I've been eating a bagel in the morning, and that fueled me enough on through. This morning I had a serving of oatmeal and a nectarine. Guess it wasn't enough. At the end of the run I saw a hot dog/ice cream stand and bought me a strawberry frozen fruit and devoured it.

Not really satisfied with the run I did today or yesterday. I know I can do better, push myself more. At one point I had to play mind games with myself. Don't slow down until you reach that pole, don't slow down until you pass that corner, up the hill, until it flattens. I was sweating like a pig since this big genius decided to run at high noon. On top of that I ran out of moisture wicking shirts so I had a pretty wet cotton tee plastered to my body. At least it was white. I passed by people who were wearing jeans (!) to go running, and others who wore all black.

Anyway, at the very least I put in a run today. Tomorrow is cross-training day. I need to build up some knee muscle.


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Susan said...

Another run under your belt. Way to go!