Sunday, October 27, 2013

New PB! Poland Spring 5M Marathon Kickoff

When I got to Central Park this morning, I thought to myself, "This is great PB weather." Guess what? I got that PB!

48 degrees
50% humidity
5mph wind

I have to say the credit goes to my friend Judy. Judy is a part of the group that ran NYCM 2011. (During someone's birthday dinner outing in 2010, a bunch of us got drunk and started talking marathons. Next thing we knew, we all agreed, went through the training, and ran it.)

Judy is usually a lot faster than me,  but today, she was within my sights. She passed me around mile 2, and I just kept my eyes on her the whole time. I took short, quick walks during the uphills, used the downhills to tuck in and speed up, and kept my pace until the end.

By mile 4 I caught up and we ran the last mile in together, but we were both spent. I pushed the entire last mile. There were grandstands set up for next week's marathon and it added to my fuel. I gave it everything during the last 800m and sprinted as fast as I could to the finish, (almost to the point of throwing up), and was rewarded by a new record!

Time: 58:08

I beat my personal best (this exact race back in 2007 when I was actually training for my first marathon) by 1:10. Almost unheard of for me!

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