Thursday, August 21, 2008

August = Water Sports

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been hella busy this summer. As soon as July was done, I took a vacation with C to St.Thomas and St.John for some much needed R&R. It was the best vacation ever! We took lessons on how to scuba dive (too bad no pics), kayaked, hiked, and snorkeled on a nature preserve, and generally spent our days in the water.

Kayaking in Cas Cay, St. Thomas

After kayaking 1/2 mile, then hiking 1/2 mile, we went snorkeling in the middle of this lagoon.

Since it was a protected reserve, the fishes were friendly and everywhere!

Spent part of our vacation in St. John. This is Trunk Bay, the best beach ever!

Then last weekend we took a white water rafting trip and I had such a fun time even though I fell in and got towed along by the raft. (I still have bruises from my thigh down to my ankles from being dragged on those rocks.) Oh! And one of my toe nails FINALLY fell off. That leaves the two big toe nails, and the left one is very close to separating. (I'll just put it out there: Nike sneakers suck!)
Class II/III rapids on the Lehigh in Jim Thorpe, PA

Now I'm back and it feels like work on all angles is picking up once again. The stationery business is going well, and the event planning business is picking up as well. Not to mention the slew of shows I have on my calendar. Let's hope I have enough time to manage all of this, (especially since I have something called a full-time job).

On a more personal note, I've been getting pretty anxious to buy my first home. Living in NYC the past couple of years I couldn't even afford to look, but now the prices are coming down to a level where I can actually look in decent areas and not be confined to a tiny space. And I can look in areas where there is actually some sort of life! Right now I live across the street from a school, and working from home presents its challenges since I have to tolerate a schoolyard full of screaming kids in the morning, noon and after school. And just when you think summer will be more quiet, they start construction so I hear jack hammers and dump trucks all day!

So as you can see, this post wasn't about running at all... because I haven't been running. I do feel somewhat guilty, but to be honest, I've been so busy planning an exit strategy that I've just about neglected everything else... But hey, I had a great and active August despite not hitting the pavement, and all that swimming help make up for it!

Hope you guys are all doing well!


Susan said...

GREAT vacation!

Congrats on the potential home buying. Good for you!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

How FUN!!!

Man, that water looks sooooo clear. Great pictures of you and love the fishies too.

Hey, if you get into triathlons, all the swimming counts :-)

peter said...

Water sports are fun and count as activity. Looks like you & C had some fun.

CewTwo said...

It does look like you had fun! Any activity is better than none at all. I bet after a couple of days of that kind of fun you were experiencing some weary muscles.

Does it matter that you run little now? No. You've competed since the marathon that inspired me so deeply. No matter what you decide, you are still a marathoner!