Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gross Toes Post (Beware!)

By a quick show of hands, (er comments), how may of you have had toe nails fall off from running??

I have, not 1, not 2, but 3 in danger of falling off now. My two big toes, and my right index toe pretty much oozed water from underneath my nail bed. How weird is that?? I was wondering why my toes were feeling so much pressure, and thought I was imaging that they were a different shape. They throbbed for the past several days, but I just attributed it to Sunday's race in new sneakers. Then today when went I went to cut my toe nails, about a cap full of liquid came out from underneath each digit. It's not puss-like or anything. Just semi-clear liquid tinged with blood. And it didn't really hurt. I'd take pics but... I don't wanna gross you guys out, so here's some from the Half!

The "almost there" face.

Can you see me crying here??

Glad I finished!


Susan said...

You look great! For someone who just ran a half, you look like you're running away from a spa!

Toes: after my last full, I had this. They never fell off (2) but new toenails are growing and have been for 8 months. OMG - it has been 8 months since the marathon - wow.

ShirleyPerly said...

Great race photos!! You're lucky your toenails didn't hurt much. I remember the few times I've gotten bruised toenails that they hurt quite a bit for a few days. Since I've switched to bigger shoes and better socks I haven't had any problems, though. You're brave to have run a race in new shoes!

CewTwo said...

Lisa! Sorry toe hear about the problems. Really got nailed?

Newer shoes? Have you run that distance in them before?

I just got new shoes in the last month, but I already have 150 miles on them. Shoes don't seem to last long during marathon training.

I wish you luck with your feet!

Great pictures!

I run a half-marathon this weekend!

peter said...

Yay for your HM finish! I ran a marathon once where 8 of my toenails blackened and fell off. They grow back. You might want to go up a shoe size though.

Gordon said...

yup. lost a toenail last winter. from training and from running a lot while officiating soccer games. even 6 months later, it still feels like the new toenail is not really fully on there. it seems loose. AND i feel weird pressure on it when I run. cannot explain it.

CewTwo said...

What a lovely young lady!

I will tell you one thing. I think that the Chicago Marathon will be a LOT easier than all of the training for it!