Monday, February 25, 2008

New Territory

I didn't make any real resolutions this year. Let's face it; after last years seemingly impossible one accomplished, everything else is too small... Or so I thought.

I'm currently in new territory here, folks. What happens after reaching such a high that's buoyed me for the past few months? I came crashing back down. I hit a low. A real low. Along with the self-congratulatory indulgences came the reality of the situation at hand. I completely stopped exercising. I took my allowances of chocolate and eating carbs way too far. And all that wonderful weight that left me came back with a vengeance. I hopped on the scale today and cringed. My weight is now heavier than pre-marathon training. I've developed this donut in the middle from being at the desk the entire day. And what I didn't even realize is that I've lost out on two hours of traveling time. Commuting time that gets me walking to the train station blocks away, then blocks again when I transfer to make my way midtown. Rush hour helped me maintain my weight. But now that my office is literally steps from my bed. I'm feeling a bit lost. Yep, new territory indeed.

Today I went on the step machine for 15 minutes before I went to the "office." I'm going to break for a few more 15 throughout the day. Manageable chunks that I can handle in between the work day. Yesterday I did chair dips and for my triceps, and today I did planks. I'm also going to run to the post office later, and take a scenic route home so I can get in at least a couple miles.

I thought making the transition to working at home would be a lot easier than this. Now I realize I have to make it work for my body as much as I can.

Oh, and by the way, I'm going to make it official. I will be running in this year's marathon.


Susan said...

First things first: congrats on making the decision to run the marathon again! That is excellent.

Secondly, you are in a transition. Well, more than one, I suppose. But, it seems to me that you recognize what has happened and what has to be done, and that is terrific.

Lastly, as someone who will soon (hopefully) be working from home, I admire your plan to take short breaks throughout the day to accomplish a little exercise. That is a GREAT idea!

CewTwo said...

I don't know what to say. I run daily with a day of rest every 2 weeks or so.

I will probably sign up for the same races as last year. They are challenging but they are still within my comfort zone while pushing my ability. I am not goig to place in the top 3. I am not going to place in the top 1/3. I figure that I am doing a good job for my health.

I don't work at home, though. I do work the swing shift. That allows me plenty of time to exercise in the mornings. I have a set time and I use it practically every day!

Congratulations on grokking the exercise need. And for grokking the need for another marathon!

peter said...

A marathon this year. Yay! You'll be back at your summer fighting trim soon. Carve out 25-30 minutes for an early morning run three times a week. Then back to the shower and off you go those 12 steps to work. Your work won't crumble taking those 45 minutes for you. You'll get work related ideas during those 25 minutes too.

MorseyRuns said...

Having a goal should make it a bit easier for you to get out there- I am sure you won't have lost as much fitness as you fear. Riding to work is sometimes the only exercise that I do.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on making the decision to do another marathon! I also break up my workouts throughout my day. I figure if I'm not commuting that time can be spent workout out instead of sleeping in :-)