Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Training Day #13

?? Days until the Marathon
Today's weather: 87º
Today's humidity: 37%

The humidity is wrong, I think. It felt a heck of a lot muggier than that!

I stepped on a scale yesterday morning and noticed I lost about 2lbs. so that makes 7lbs (3.17 kg) total. Pretty psyched about that. I know I shouldn't be paying too much attention since I notice it's not much of an indicator as to how much FAT I'm losing. I'm definitely not as jiggly as before (sorry for the TMI). But it serves the purpose of continuing motivation, and THAT I definitely need!

I'm supposed to go and do 3-4 Easy yesterday, but it was sidetracked by a co-workers going away thing after work. I was good and only had half a light beer.

Today I headed to the gym at lunch time and did 3.67 (3.5 with cool down) with hills added in. Paced it at 4.6 (around 13:08 m/m) with a 2.0 incline randomly thrown in. I think I was anxious. Several times I wanted to ramp it up to at least 5 to get my heart racing, but decided to follow the schedule.

There was something about it that made me sweat more. Maybe it was the hills, but it felt different from my other slow runs. I'm not sure if it's because I'm learning the difference between endurance training and athletic conditioning. (Or maybe it's just all in my head?!)

I also felt like eating a lot more. I know back in high school (erm, ancient history) I used to scarf down two plates of pasta when I had track meets. Likewise, today I had an early lunch at 12:30pm and after the short workout I was again starving so I got a small turkey and swiss from Starbucks. I guess as long as I don't overdo it I should be fine, right?

Anyhoo, another run in the bag. Yay!


CewTwo said...

Since I started caring about myself, I have lost a lot of weight. But, you know, in my mind's eye I still feel like a fat person. I tell people that and they just stare at me.

Remember that we are systems. You have to adjust a lot and tweak a lot to get the results that you want.

Want to know the very best part? You're doing it!


Susan said...

I get supremely hungry at times, also. It's weird. It comes and goes. Sounds to me like you are doing the right thing!

Tom said...

Let's see, lost 2 lb, less jiggly, workouts are getting more manageable, and you're reaching for protein instead of a Twinkie. That sounds like awesome progress and self-discipline to me. Keep up the good work, Lisa.