Monday, August 13, 2007

Training Day #11 & 12

?? Days until the Marathon
Today's weather: 86º
Today's humidity: 41%

I'm trying not to feel guilty. I didn't do a long run this past weekend even though I was supposed to. By all accounts we should have gotten it done. But sometimes it's a battle of wills. I met up with GP again, and we were to do a giant loop through Central Park complete with Harlem Hills as the ending. But thanks to the unpredictable nature of the MTA, she arrived half an hour late to our meeting place, (my gym in midtown as I got her a guest pass). Feeling the humidity creep up already, we just decided to stay in the gym, which was a good idea. Gyms in Sunday mornings are pretty bare save the dedicated.

As soon as I headed for the treadmill, GP stopped me and was like, what are you doing? When I told her 8 miles, she scoffed and suggested the elliptical. (Knees. Pounding. Bad.) Figuring it for the same, I joined her, but half an hour (and a measly 1.4 miles later), we both abandoned ship. She had more of an interest in cross training so I just joined her.

Today was a better outcome. I stopped by the gym near my office around lunch time and there were probably a dozen people in there working out. I did about 2 miles on an incline (hey 1.0 counts!), and completed a total of 4.75 at a 12 minute pace. Probably would've done more but I bought these new shorts that were too short (thigh chafe), and the new bra isn't quite up to snuff. On top of that I didn't eat anything except a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, so I think I felt the lack of energy more towards the end.

I also need those knee wraps because I can feel my bones rub. It wasn't painful today, but I should take a preventative measure. This weekend after 2 hours in the movie theater I got up and a twinge of pain shot up my right knee. (And normally it's my left one that bothers me!) I'm contemplating the Cho-pat since I really hate the long sleeves with the hole in the middle. It always feel like my leg's circulation is being cut off!


Susan said...

Working out at lunch - wowee!!!! You go girl. Excellent.

Tom said...

Bones rubbing together is not a good sign. Take care of th those knees and stay fired up for NYC.