Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've been feeling queasy for the past couple of days. I think I ate some bad hummus or something. I had that feeling like I needed to throw up, but nothing would come out. On top of that I was hit with dizziness and lightheadedness. At first I thought it was the computer, but it just got worse. My head felt like it was getting squeezed and the room wouldn't stop spinning. I thought about going to the gym to run and seeing if that'll make me throw up, but the common sense side of me said to stay put. I took my temperature yesterday and it was way below normal. Weird because I wasn't even that cold. I still have bouts of it today, but now I'm wondering if it's because I reuse my water bottles?? I recall reading somewhere that it's bad to do that because of the amount of bacteria or something. Who knows. I'll recycle this and use my running water bottle and toss out the hummus just in case. Ugh. What a derailment. And to think it was in the mid 60s this entire week!


Susan said...

Oh goodness!

I reuse water bottles constantly. Yikes!

My weekend illness started with a weird stomach, but no low temp.

Poor Lisa!

I am very envious of the low outside temps there!

CewTwo said...

Lisa, take care of yourself. There is a lot of discussion regarding the reuse of water bottles. I feel that we need to reuse them so that our legacy to our children is not ladfills filled with plastic that never really decomposes. There are also supposedly dioxins that form based on the plastic, but that is an urban legend. Boil them occasionally. That's what I do.

Take care! Feel better!