Saturday, June 23, 2007

I got into a big argument with my younger sister yesterday. Actually it was my brother, a friend, the bf, and I getting into a very heated discussion with my younger sister and her husband. Whatever. That's for a different forum, but it does serve as a good segue into why I went running this morning...

The good thing that came out of this is that now I have more weekend time to devote to running. And it's one of those things I really need to focus on. At least it's to my benefit. I feel so much better when I do run, that it should really become my therapy.

Today I ran down Ocean Parkway and headed straight for the Coney Island boardwalk. It wasn't really a steady run, but a run, jog, walk, jog, sprint. I played games with myself with the stop lights and cross walks. If I'm across the street and the don't walk sign starts blinking, I'll sprint across the street and onto the next cross walk. If the sign says walk, I'll jog my way across. I was steady enough to make it back home in my estimated time.

It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outdoors. The sun was shining. The breeze was slight enough that I caught the smell of trees and grass all along the way. Then when I got to Coney Island, I smelled the distinct smell of the beach, salty and fresh, and even got a chance to walk on the sand a bit. Contemplated running in the sand, but figured after this recent hiatus, it's best just to stick to the road. Turned back after I hit Astroland, (and started smelling grilled meats), and made my way back up the parkway for a breezy second half.

I tallied a total of 6.5 miles. Not too shabby.

And I feel sooo much better now.


Susan said...

I'm impressed. WHat a good way to turn a less-than-desirable situation into a winning one for you! Congrats onthe 6.5 miles - that is awesome!

MorseyRuns said...

I love a good barney- and I get told that I argue just for the sake of it- as long as you can all appreciate a different point of view and shake hands at the end of it.
Sounds like a fantastic run!