Thursday, May 3, 2007

My marathon training shirt came in the other day, yay! Somehow it seems more official now.

So this past week I've been waking up at about 6:15am, which is about an hour before I usually wake up. I told myself last night, if I wake up at the same time again, I'll go running in the morning. Something I've never done before.

Lo and behold, I wake up early again. So I put on my new training shirt (and pants and sneakers) and head out the door for a morning run, and did about a 1.5 mile easy loop. Gonna see if I feel good after work and maybe head out again to get some mileage for the week. Hopefully I won't have to stay at work late like yesterday. Dinner at 10pm is no fun!

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seescottrun said...

Morning runs are crap, I can't do them. I start work at 5:30am most days and the thought of running at that time does not inspire much excitement.