Thursday, May 17, 2007

10 Mile Pics

I have evidence! hahaha. Or at least a visual account that I actually ran this race. Check it. Don't I look pained?

Anyway, I bought this book at the beginning of the year, which has a 16 week training program that will have me running 4 days a week, building up from 15 miles the first week to 36 miles 2 weeks before the race. The longest run is on week 12 and 13 at 18 miles.

Someone who did a marathon before told me I should at least try to get a 20 mile run in. I think my concern is that I start this program now, but have too much down time (tapering?) beforehand. According to my estimates, I should be able to run the race in about 5hrs 30 min (or somewhere around there). As much as I tell myself I shouldn't worry too much about time as this is my first ever marathon, I can't help but still wonder if there's anything I can do to train for both the distance AND speed. Is there?? Or should I just worry about training for distance and totally not worry about speed at all? What do you guys think?


Maddy said...

Hi Lisa!
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Send me an email (via my profile) and I will send you the training plans I have.

I only have hard copies, so it may take me a few days to create a digital copy. I hope they can help you!

Susan said...

Just worry about crossing the finish line. I have only ran one marathon (3/4/07) and I did it in 5:38. I was sooooo proud. NEXT TIME I'll worry with speed.

My training plan had one 22-miler and two 20-milers. The 22-miler gave me soooooooo much confidence. Do it!

Great photos. I say any photo of someone pushing themselves is a great one!