Thursday, April 5, 2007

So I'm Making it Official

So I'm making it official.

I've begun training for the marathon.

I say this now because I am now mentally ready to train. The past month doesn't really count. My mind wasn't really into it, and it hasn't been consistent. The past month I've been familiarizing myself with the borough, finding new scenery to stimulate me. I've been biding my time slowly, adjusting back into the pace. Most of all, my mind had to adjust back.

And funny how things work. Just as I make this choice of making it official, I receive a letter in the mail from the New York Road Runners, with bright orange and white lettering in front of the envelope that reads "Marathon Guaranteed Entry Information."

So I'm making it official.

Now I begin base training, building up my endurance. Tonight's run was fast. A quick run around the neighborhood. By the end of the run I am at full speed, barreling toward home base in the last quarter mile. In the end I feel great. All my pores are open. I'm breathing in the cool evening air while steam rises out of me. (The best thing about running is the end when I get that feeling of accomplishment.)

I feel my mind is ready. I feel my lungs are ready. But I know my knees are not. Still, I'm reminded of this one little phrase in a training book I bought not too long ago that is the basis of my mental preparation for the big day: "but it doesn't matter."

I'm about 20lbs heavier than where I need to be, "but it doesn't matter."
My menstrual cycle just began and I'm starting to cramp up, "but it doesn't matter."
Everyone stares at me when I'm running down the street, "but it doesn't matter."
I will be one of the slowest runner in next week's race, "but it doesn't matter."
My knees are starting to hurt, "but it doesn't matter."

What does matter is that I push through and complete my base training. I want to walk up to the starting line come November and know I've done what I needed to reach my resolution. I know I can do it. It's just a matter of will... I will.

So I'm making it official.

I'm marking today as Base Training Day: 1

212 days to go.

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