Monday, October 19, 2015

Best Electrolyte Product Ever!

Okay, I wanna share something awesome. If you want electrolytes without any fizz or flavor, you need to try this! As much as I like Nuun electrolyte tabs, sometimes I just don't want anything other than the taste of water because of the aftertaste. 

My 20 mile training run for Philadelphia and Honolulu marathons.

Today I did my 20 miler using these Elete electrolyte drops, and I did not have any muscle twitching or threats of cramping. (And this is like, after 4 weeks of minimal distance thanks to the husband's new work schedule, which pretty much canceled out whatever morning running time I had. But I digress...)

The Elete drops makes the water tastes a tiny bit salty, (kinda like filtered water that's been running over minerally rocks or something) but that's it. The eye drop sized bottle is small enough to fit in any Nathan handheld bottle pouch. And this small size is only ~$7 and makes twenty 16 oz servings. Plus they have bigger refill sizes so you can just refill the dropper bottle. (I just bought the tiny bottle to test out first.) I realized that yesterday was the first time I ran a 20 miler without feeling physically nauseated at 18 miles in! The plain saltiness is a nice counter too all the sweet gels and stuff.

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