Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sore all over

Wow. I'm scared to fall off the wagon of fitness now. Two days back on P90X and I'm sore all over. Since it's going into fall/winter, I'll be lowering my running mileage again until I can figure out what the heck to wear. I looked into running jackets, but let's face it, my funds are really limited at this point and if I have to choose between winter boots and a running jacket, I'll have to go with the boots first. *sigh*

Anyway, switching it up to P90X Classic, which has plyometrics and kempo. Plyo is okay, but I have to really be careful because all that jumping takes a toll on my knees. Tony Horton says think like a cat and land softly, but in this case, I think I channel my dearly departed Max, who is as clumsy as they come. Today is Yoga, but I think I'll go out for a run instead. It's rather nice out.


Susan said...

Well... I think I am going to try the Hard CORE Club instead of P90X because I have signed up for another marathon...

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