Friday, November 5, 2010

MCM Splits

Logging for my own purposes:

Distance Time Pace
5K 36:24 11:42
10K 37:49 12:16
15K 38:09 12:16
20K 42:03 13:32
25K 42:35 13:42
30K 45:13 14:33
35K 45:08 14:31
40K 46:54 15:05


Petraruns said...

You look fabulous in those photos Lisa. And what conclusions are you drawing based on those splits?

Tricia said...

great pics!

nylisa said...

Petra, I think I started out a bit faster than I should have. 10-15k were hills. Also, between 15-20k is where I started getting toe cramps, which accounts for the slow and hold times. Around 30k was at the mall where I had to really slow and stop the muscle spasms. I think the last 2k was where I got lightheaded from really feeling the lack of salt. But I think all in all, if there's one good thing I can glean from this is that I'm still a fairly consistent pacer. Next race I think I'm going to start out really slow and see if I can muster up getting faster during the latter portion of the race. Any insights?

Petraruns said...

Ha. Insights. Personally, going for glory has worked for me because I tended to start out too slow... However I would say if you started having cramps and spasms at 30K that's too soon - you definitely went out too fast. Pacing, pacing, pacing is key. Spend an increasing amount in training running at your intended mile pace. And nutrition. You've got to get enough into yourself before you reach mile 18 - imho - because then you lose your mind and can't be talked into necking another FOUL gu. So you've got to start on time so you can hang on for those last 8.2 miles. Those are my insights - and they've not served me terribly well because I don't appear able to learn from mistakes..