Tuesday, September 8, 2009

THe Hardest Thing

I have to be completely honest with myself. I'm just not prepared to run MCM. I want to do it well for my brothers and for myself, but given the timing of this whole year, I feel like it would've been cheating if I ran it not being fully prepared.

I know I'm always full of excuses, but given the mental and physical exhaustion of moving and having everything thrown this way non-stop, I feel like not running is just the best. Besides having to acclimate to this new environment, I've been full steam ahead with this month-long business venture with 6 other artists and the amount of preparation is just tiring.

I emailed Grace, my marathon partner to see what she thinks. She has been extremely busy as well, and the last time I spoke with her, the job situation wasn't looking too well.

Maybe this just wasn't in the cards this time out. Good thing is that we have until the end of the month to decide whether or not to postpone. If she's been training and wants me to be there for her support I'd definitely go and cheer her on.

Sometimes deciding not to run a race is a lot harder than deciding to run one.


Petraruns said...

Hey Lisa don't beat yourself up. You're in this for the long run - pun intended - and you can't make every race. I pulled out of London in 2008 as I had been injured and just couldn't train. In 2009 I came back so much stronger than I had ever been before - so cut yourself some slack. Sometimes life takes over. AS long as you get back on the road at some point!

nylisa said...

It's a bit tough witnessing everyone else around me making progress on the running front, and seeing my own progress slip. You're right about being in for the long haul. I should just focus on the next phase and get back into it when I'm ready. Thanks, Petra.

Susan said...

I agree, Lisa. This is a tough decision, and I say you're smart to postpone MCM.

ShirleyPerly said...

Absolutely agree that deciding not to do a race is harder. Glad MCM allows postponements. There'll always be more races in the future for you!

peter said...

Beautiful weather for running and just "doing the Mall" thing down here this month in DC. If your friend Grace runs The People's Marathon (aka MCM) make sure you come down to watch & cheer her on, and we'll be cheering you on in October next year!