Thursday, June 11, 2009

I really don't have much of an update. This month has been racked by illness, stress and work. The side business has been picking up, and with the pressure of trying to keep my full time and getting the housing situation under control, I haven't been too active in the running department. The past couple weeks I've had a really nasty cold, which seems to be coming back a lot due to the stress. It's always a really bad cough, and lots of fluids in my lungs. Sometimes I can't believe the amounts of stuff that comes out. It's gross. I tell you, I don't normally get sick more than once a year, and this year I've already gotten sick twice.

In any case, the housing situation is still in limbo. We're desperately trying to get the financing down before this entire deal falls apart. Our first mortgage broker wasn't able to get us insurance, so now we're trying with a different lender who has been able to do that for another couple. We have until the end of next week.

That's pretty much it for now.


Susan said...

Good luck with the house! And I am CERTAIN that the illness is due to stress. That's how it works with me, anyway (recently).

peter said...

Financing a house is such high stress. They want you to pull rabbits out of the hat sometimes! Good luck.