Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm getting old and creaky and I hate it. On Monday I had a softball game with my co-ed team. (The women's team never called me back. So much for the "non-competitive, fun league".)

We did fairly well, but lost in the last inning due to a poor decision by the team head. Not sure why he intentionally walked someone when there were 2 outs and people on 1st and 2nd base. (I guess he thought it would be easier for the defense to pick any base for that last out.) But the third guy came up and hit a blooper in between third base and left, and brought home the guy on third. We lost 14-13.

I did decent considering I haven't played in years. Went 1 for 3 with 2 ground outs, and a single to left. Played catcher for 4 out of the 6 innings without my shin guards, (and boy was I missing those)! By the end of the evening, I had a giant softball sized bruise on my right thigh and one on my left shin. (Our pitcher got tired in the 4th inning and started walking people and throwing wild pitches.) My right knee was all scraped up from kneeling on the dirt.

I have to admit though, it was a fun game. Despite our losing I think a lot of the guys respected me because I could actually field and play. (You know how a lot of guys are when it comes to sports.) They noticed that I had my own bat and cleats, and engaged me in game talk. After the game we all went out for a beer at a nearby tavern in Chinatown, and got to know one another a little bit more. (Most of us found the team from Craigslist.)

Anyway, having not really recovered from Sunday's "quarter" marathon, I think the game proved a bit too much physical activity in too short of a time frame. Not sure how I did it but I pulled my back and felt like I pinched a nerve between my shoulder blades. It was quite painful to turn my head yesterday and I had to lean forward a bit to ease the pressure. Today it's a little bit better. Chris returned from his trip to Philly last night, and he helped me roll a massager on my back to "tenderize" me. I think one more day and I'll be back to normal.

This upcoming weekend Grace and I will tackle the Central Park loop again to prepare for the Mother's Day 10M (#6). I have a huge selling event the day before, so hopefully I won't be standing all day. Other than that I am signed up for the Wall Street AHA 5K, which is fun. The course starts near the WTC, and ends in Battery Park. This was one of the first races I've ever done by myself (back in 2006 I think) and it was the one that made the most impression on me, seeing all those bodies bob up and down on the street made me want to do races even more.

In other non-sports related news, Chris and I are meeting up in the village to check out a venue for a reception. (We're planning on a March wedding, around the time of our anniversary. So just FYI, in case I start going on about that type of stuff here, you'll know why!)


Petraruns said...

Good going for keeping up with the baseball even if the women's team never phoned - girls! Good luck on the running as well - keep it up..

Susan said...

What an interesting, diverse post! You're doing it ALL!

peter said...

I haven't played softball in years but I used to love it. I actually had a lot of power (it's all in the wrists) that shows once a summer when I'm hitting a bucket of golfballs with my girlfriend. It drives her crazy when I uncork a low long drive because she's taken lessons all her life but I can completely outdistance her (except when I miss or it dribbles 15 feet, which is often enough).

CewTwo said...

Always fun reading your blog!
I'm glad you found the softball team from Craigslist! What an enterprising young lady!
I'm somewhat side-lined now, too. Right heel pain exacerbated by running! Seeing the Doctor tomorrow!

Keep it up but have fun!

BTW... Did you run last weekend?