Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rusty Tryout

So I tried out for the softball league this afternoon. It was nearby so I was able to take a 10 minute train ride out to the park. To be honest I was a bit nervous. I haven't played in years, and even when I did I always had to sit out a couple of games.

In any case, I reached the park and met up with about 35-40 women. Some were standing around, (which I took for the newbies), and some warming up and chatting, (which I took for the more experienced). I registered, paid my fee and got a number 70 pinned to my back.

I scanned the crowd, and was about to approach someone to warm up with when this female came up to me and asked if I wanted to toss the ball a bit. I accepted.

About 10 minutes later the VP of the league called us all in and told us the routine. We all lined up according to our numbers and took turns fielding second base, then short stop, then outfield, and then took turns batting. Since there were a lot of people that showed up, they had to shorten the plays per person to make sure everyone gets evaluated before sundown. (It was quite nice to be outside.)

In total the tryout lasted an hour, and I got a total of 5 fielding plays, 1 play at second, a couple at short stop and a couple outfield. I think my strongest was at short stop. I can still gun a ball to first with relative accuracy. But at outfield, I don't think I was quite warmed up. I dropped a fly ball and didn't hit home as hard as I wanted to. Can't blame it on Chris' glove, which was what I used. I think I was thinking too much. (It's quite intimidating to have 40 people watching your every move.)

After that it was a couple swings at the bat. I was able to make contact with 1 out of 2 pitches. (The sun was going down and there were people behind me on line.)

All in all, it was a good experience. I spoke with someone about what happens next, and apparently there's a blind draft into the teams (if you're good enough to get in), a batting clinic in mid-April and then games. As for schedules, it might be tough since the games are on weekends. (I tried out thinking it was on weekend evenings, but they might have changed the schedule.)

In any case, we'll see. I was apprehensive at first, but I'm glad I got out there. If for nothing else, it was a good little time out to get some physical activity in today.


Susan said...

Wow. As someone used to being in a solo sport only, this is just shocking! I mean having to "compete" against others. Wow.

I bet you did GREAT. I think this will be very interesting WHEN (not if) you make the team. Softball as cross training -- how fun!

nylisa said...

Thanks, Susan. The good thing is that this league is not really competitive. I mean, they assessed us and ranked us according to skill level, then the teams draft their fair share of mixed talent so all the teams are equal. And best of all, the games are in Prospect Park, so I can actually get in a run before or after if I really wanted to!

ShirleyPerly said...

I think the only bit of team sports I've ever done was volleyball but I doubt I'd make any team that had cuts. Good luck on making the team. Sounds like a fun way to mix things up.

CewTwo said...

Sounds to me like you are a committed softball player! "Gun a ball," "Dropped a fly ball," & "contact with 1 of 2 pitches." Sounds like you're in to me!

Good luck! I think you'll make the cut!

Did you run last weekend?