Friday, March 6, 2009


Has anyone ever done a 50k? I'm kinda intrigued of the distance. It's a tad over 31 miles, so in reality, I wonder if the training would be the same as that for a marathon... hmm... I'm not thinking of doing it anytime soon, but this is definitely something interesting to keep on the back burner when I get more disciplined in running.

Other things I would like to experience is perhaps a triathlon and maybe even an Iron Woman. It's on the "list" but definitely in the far, far future since I need to lose like... 25lbs and gain some more endurance... But mainly I need discipline, and the time to settle into a new routine.

Not to give myself any excuses, but it's been a bit crazy dealing with the whole home buying process. My current rental apartment is literally falling apart month by month, and because the landlords want to renovate the entire house, they're sort of dragging their feet on fixing anything. Hopefully once we move everything will just fall into place. I know there is a park near our new apartment which I'll be excited to run in. Yesterday I took a bad fall right onto my knee cap. (Did I mention this rental has really crappy linoleum floors that never stay clean?) There was a spot of water that I couldn't see and BAM! fell right onto my left knee. It's been a while since I cried out from pain. Can't wait to move!


Susan said...

Ouch! Sorry.

Your list sounds just like mine: 50K (yes yes yes!), tri and weight (regardless of baby -- just add it on top of that!)

ShirleyPerly said...

Bummer about the fall!

But wonderful to hear about your other to-do items. A 50K is on my list too and, to be honest, I'm not sure how to train for it but think it wouldn't require much more than what some marathon training programs require. The softer off-road surface that most of them are run on is supposedly easier on the joints but some 50ks can be quite tough if the trail is very rough and hilly. In that case, hill training and off-road training (to strengthen ankles, esp) would probably be a good idea.