Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I thought today would be the perfect day to test out the Yak Trax today since it snowed yesterday... Snow doesn't really stick here. I ran about 5K late in the afternoon and it was okay. Feels a bit funny since I feel like I have clown shoes on. It did its job along icy and snowy patches so I'm satisfied. But let me just say that the sound it makes on sidewalks is as pleasant as the sound of teeth grinding.

Two issues I need to resolve:
How to dress for running in the winter! (I should really know this but I don't.)
How to calibrate my Sportband so I can see the correct mileage. The half marathon uploaded this time around, but it's reading 11.72 miles rather than 13.1.


Susan said...

I heard you on The Extra Mile. Cool!

Petraruns said...

The answer to your question is layers! It's been around freezing here for most of the winter and I go out in thick running tights, a long sleeve technical top and a windproof running jacket. Recently I've been wearing a gaiter as well - I'm just afraid of getting ill. Hat and gloves and you're done!

As for your sportband - sorry can't help but when I used to run with my NikePlus I did have to restart sometimes...