Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Running Bucket List

To anonymous: sorry dude. Not running is not an option. Come hell or high water I'm going to Disney World. Thanks for providing me with more motivation.

In other news, I will be doing the Hot Chocolate 15K on Saturday. Figure I'll tack on the extra mileage after the race since it's easier than running before it. (Central Park is crazy crowded on running days.)

By the way, I have a running bucket list. I always thought just doing NYC would be enough. But so far after reading race reports and stuff, I think I've come up with a good list (not in any order):

• Chicago
• Las Vegas
• Great Wall
• Marine Corps
• Boston (if I ever qualify)

Those are just some that come to mind. I'd need to read more about some others. Any other suggestions?


Road Warrior said...

That's an awesome idea. Great list!

Susan said...

That is a great list; I can not add to it. I, too, want to do Chicago and MC.

peter said...

You can take Chicago off the list and replace it with Columbus, which is flat and charming, and they treat you well out there in OH. I really liked the Twin Cities Marathon too (MN). Loved running over (Mississippi River) and around (a few of their 10,000 lakes) water and finishing on a downhill with a spectacular view of a grand Cathedral to run to.

ShirleyPerly said...

The Marine Corps Marathon is my favorite big race. Can't think of any others except perhaps the London Marathon as it seems to be the equivalent of NYCM over in Europe.

Good luck with your 15K and additional mileage this weekend. And I agree with Peter that even if you got up to only 18 miles as your longest run before Disney you'd finish the race. The most important thing is not to overdo things too much in training and show up injured on race day.