Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am Bib # 15574

Got confirmation of my bib # finally. (Okay, it was available for a while, I just didn't get a chance until now to find out!)

You guys can track me here:

If you decide to, give me a mantra to remember. Gonna need it in the later miles!


MarathonChris said...

Hi Lisa! We are looking at meeting up at the bag check tent at 4:15 am the day of the marathon if you want to meet up!!!

Mantra...hmmmm: Mickey Mickey Run Run

Susan said...

Mantra: I - can - do - it!

Irish Blue said...

Here's one I use that both inspires me and makes me giggle.

I'm strong - I live strong - I'm Lance Armstrong.

Seriously, it works.

Good luck girl!!!!

CewTwo said...

Yay! You have the bib number! I'll track you!

I'm much newr at marathons than you. My mantra for each of the last 6 (very emotional) miles were the names of people that supported me in the long 2 marathon endeavor! That worked for me!

Go, girl, go!