Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pics from the marathon

Just wanted to share these pics with you guys...

On the Staten Island ferry making our way to the starting area. (Blurry Statue of Liberty in the dawn hours.)

Everyone is mesmerized by the view.

This was going to be a common sight, (the back of people's heads I mean.)

Corrals direction map. I was at the orange area.

A few of the thousands of volunteers that day, passing out the essential bagel in the morning.

The sun finally rises as I settle in with the rest.

Grace joins me at the orange corral.

The amount of clothing that was to be donated was just staggering. Some of the coast guards got new jackets.

Finally, we're lining up!

And we're off!... fifteen minutes after the gun.

All smiles while while starting with Grace.

Grace running with water bottle in hand (just like she did all summer).

I love this bridge view. One mile down...

About 10k in. Can you spot me?

Somewhere in Williamsburg... or Greenpoint... looking west to the city. Mile 10-11

Long Island City. The crowds thinned out a bit but just as supportive. Mile 12-13

The Citibank tower, which marks the entrance of the Queensboro Bridge.

Mile 15. Queensboro Bridge. Everyone walking.

Manhattan not far now...

Mile 19. Needed salty pretzel here. (Puker in the blue.)

After the QB Bridge I didn't take out my camera again as I wanted to focus on finishing. Can't wait for the Brightroom pics! I smiled and waved at every point they were shooting.


CewTwo said...

Thanks for sharing - Great pics! You are getting me to thinking about running my own marathon.

Your account of your personal triumph is amazing!!!

peter said...

I love race day pix. You all looked cold on Staten Island, even though it wasn't too bad a day. That's a magnificent bridge, the Verazzano. Going over that made my 2006 NYCM worthwhile (the Queensboro Bridge was fun too, being on the roadway, but I'd been over that walking before). Last year I saw someone lazily strolling along the Verazzano Bridge that first mile as the runners streamed by, just enjoying the bridge and being there and taking in the view, and I got the impression he had ponied up a $100 race fee just so he could traverse the two miles of that great bridge on foot. Maybe yes or maybe no, but it definitely would be worth it to spend some time exploring the bridge on foot! There is no pedestrian traffic otherwise.

Of course, I remember when the ferry to Brooklyn left from near there on Staten Island to go to Bay Ridge. That was a long time ago.

Susan said...

WOW, Lisa, great pics! I felt like I was there. And you looked FABULOUS!

Please post the professional ones when they are available - you rockstar!

peter said...

Oh Lisa, I tagged you. Now that you're famous, people want to know five obscure things about you.