Thursday, August 9, 2007

Training Day #10

86 Days until the Marathon
Today's weather: 81º
Today's humidity: 52%

Okay, I found one reason to go to the gym... It keeps me honest! I don't own any pace watches or any gadgets that tell me what my pace per mile is, so the best thing is to keep a certain pace at the gym. It's been a while! I forgot what it was like to get on a treadmill, the loud thudding of footsteps, the whirring of machines, the pumping music in the background.

Anyway, I did a quality run today, (or what I perceive to be quality since now I realize I probably run a lot slower outdoors). I completed 4 miles at 12 minutes per mile, then walked another quarter mile to cool down. Should have probably added another total mile, but since it was lunch time, I didn't want to get back to the office too late.

Heading to the gym from the office isn't too bad. It's a 10 minute walk, so if I have everything packed and ready I should be out for no more than 1.5 hours. (Thank goodness for flexible work schedules.) I found that I'm more disciplined this way. For some reason the past week I've been slacking off a bit. Monday I took off because I was still sore from the half. But by all accounts I should have done an easy 2 sessions Tuesday and Wednesday. (But I didn't because it was mid 90s and nasty humid.) I guess for lazy days it'll be the gym. So this week my 4x will be today, tomorrow, and the weekend... Hey whatever works right?!

How is your training going?


Tom said...

Nice job with the quality run today, particularly after the half last weekend. During recovery week, don't count workouts missed because recovery is an active part of your training. Get those legs fresh again!

Susan said...

I have napped off and on all day and I am still tired!

We all need rest, don't we?

CewTwo said...

Having just finished a half myself, I know for a fact that I run much slower outside than I do on an inside treadmill...

I run a most excellent half-marathon distance and feel great! I go outside and run the same distance and wonder what happened to me! Oh well, I am going to work on my intervals next week (or the week after).

Lisa, take care and don't push too hard!