Sunday, April 22, 2007

I didn't run this week. So bad!

But I did get pics from my first half marathon! (This is mile 9 as we entered the park. From there it was hills galore!)

Check it. I look so tired but euphoric!
By the way, anyone with recommendations as to another camel pack of sorts? The one I have is fine, but I wonder if there's anything better out there?

On a related note, there's one thing I always found amusing whenever I enter a race. I notice that there are two types of runners with different mindsets. The first type is the "competitor." There are those that size you up at the starting line, usually the type of runners who try to outrun you as you catch up to them. Personally, I try to ignore them. Running is a personal sport, and there's no way I can compare my own body to that of someone else's during a race. (As a beginning marathoner, it's too demotivating.)

The second type are the those that I really enjoy to be around. Sure they're faster than you and they've already completed the race while you're still halfway there. But they call out to you and give you strength to continue. They'll cheer you on as you pass. Those are the types of runners I really have respect for because they realize it's such a great thing to support people out there who for their own reasons, are taking on such a challenge.


MorseyRuns said...

I have never run with a camel back- so I am very impressed that you not only ran the whole way, but even more so that you did it while carrying all that extra weight. Great work.

seescottrun said...

I'm with Morsey, why the camel back? It's so much extra weight.... so top effort in the half.

and not running this week... I like to call those weeks 'recovery'. Cheers